Corporate On-Site Massage Therapy

Why on-site Massage Therapy?

On-site Massage Therapy is an excellent employee benefit for the company that wants to promote a low-stress work environment, build employee appreciation and satisfaction, reduce work-related injury, and improve productivity.

How does the employee benefit?

Reduced stress levels

Decreased physical tension

A better understanding of how to prevent and/or decrease aches/pains/chronic tension areas

Increased productivity after massage as shown in studies

Increased circulation and oxygen to the body and brain

Greater flexibility

Increased body and postural awareness

How does the employer benefit?

Decreased workers’ compensation costs due to decreased injury rates

Increased productivity

Healthier/less stressed work environment

Increased employee satisfaction

On-site Massage Therapy terms:

On-site Massage Therapy services are provided as needed, although once every one or two weeks is most beneficial.  Typically sessions are 15 to 30 minutes.  I require a minimum of two hours of scheduled time.

Competitive Rates:

$20 for 15 minutes

$40 for 1/2 hour

More on-site services that help prevent injury!

I also provide custom injury prevention classes and individual ergonomic assessments.  These are two more services that can make the work environment a safer and healthier place.


Since 1998, I have been providing Massage Therapy and ergonomic services to several area businesses.

References provided upon request