Structural Integration 10-Series


Deep Tissue Release

If you are looking to renew your body and shake out old patterns, pains, postures or injuries…..I have a special offer for you……  10 sessions of Structural Integration 1.5 hours each for $120 each, normally $135.    My clients are getting great lasting results… i.e. measuring taller at annual checkups, more grounded feet,  able to go without orthotics, better golf swings, good bye pain from bulking disks, happier hips and backs especially after pregnancy, no more sciatica, washing away the kinks that have added up over time like whiplash from skiing or car accidents or from sitting at a computer for years.


My Structural Integration training gives me a whole new understanding of alignment, injury, posture and how different parts of the body affect one another. In my Structural Integration sessions, I use my orthopedic techniques learned  in my massage therapy training and I feel that this helps me get more effective results with my clients.  Structural Integration is designed to work thru the layers of the body to systematically reorganize your body into proper alignment.  This includes extensive practical education on how to sit, stand and move so you can take the work in your everyday.



The Basic 10-Series Process

Achieve alignment and inner peace



Each of the 10 sessions builds on the previous, and prepares the body for the next.  The process addresses the entire body, and is a thorough way to address any restrictions you might have anywhere in your body.


For most people, the series progresses as described below.  There are instances, however, where it makes sense to deviate from the normal flow of work.


The descriptions below are general in nature, and represent goals for each session rather than specific territory to be worked.  In any case, every session is as unique as the person receiving it, and the work flows in concert with each person’s physiology.

Ideally these appointments are 1-2 weeks apart.


Session 1 begins with freeing the lungs to allow fuller breath.  This is accomplished by working the superficial tissues that have to do with the breathing mechanism – areas around the ribcage, shoulders, arms and hips may be worked, as well as the neck and back.  Neck and back work is included in almost every session to balance and integrate the work into the body.


Session 2 addresses your foundation.  The feet, lower legs and possibly knees are opened and aligned to better support the body in gravity.  Often, the client feels a greater sense of support and balance coming up from their feet after this session, as well as better contact between the feet and the ground.  Foot problems such as high or fallen arches are also addressed in this session.


Session 3 moves on to the sides of the body.  We want to ease the body in the front-back dimensions, and create a peaceful relating between your upper and lower body.  We will work the sides of your torso, your neck and your hips to allow those major segments to better support each other.


Session 4 returns to the legs, focusing on the inside of the legs from the ankle to the pelvis.  This session provides the feeling that the legs are supporting the abdominal core and providing lift for the upper body.  Torsions (twisted conditions) at the knee and hip are also addressed in this session.


Session 5 is a continuation of Session 4.  Work is done in the front of the hips as well as the abdomen, diaphragm and ribs.  This session opens the front of the body and provides a new dimension of lift up from the core.


Session 6 is a back session.  Starting with the legs, if necessary, we address the calves, hamstrings, back of the pelvis and up both sides of the spine to the head.  The opening in the back matches the opening in the front achieved in Session 5.


 Session 7 focuses on the upper shoulders, head, jaw, neck, and sometimes the arms.  After this session, clients often feel that the head is able to rest on top of the shoulders.


The last three sessions are about integrating all that we have done.


Session 8 is usually a lower body session with the goal of integrating the legs with the whole body.


Session 9 is the other half of Session 8 – the upper body.  The ribcage, shoulders, arms, neck and head are the usual focus, with the goal being always to integrate.


Session 10 is the final integration.  This is your opportunity to complete, for now, all we’ve been able to free.  We will smooth the fascial wrappers over the structural changes that you have gained.  This session involves the whole body, especially the joints, at a somewhat more superficial level.