Hot Stone Massage

Did you know that stones have the slowest vibration of any element on Earth?

Deep calming warmth

Imagine the benefits of immersing yourself in this slowed-down frequency, heated to the perfect temperature of a mother’s embrace, while soothing firm pressure is applied from head to toe.  Hot Stone Massage not only provides intensely deep relaxation, but also enables a client to enter into a profound space for healing within minutes of its application due to the physiological response to the heat.




In this session we will explore the vast physiological responses taking place by raising the body’s temperature by 1° over an hour.  For instance, tens of thousands of white blood cells are produced, making this a detoxifying treatment.  I also incorporate cold stones and use contrast therapy, which can increase the blood flow by 100% making this work highly effective for chronic pain and injury rehabilitation.  Many styles of bodywork compliment a Hot Stone Massage, from subtle energy techniques such as Cranial Sacral and Chakra Balancing to Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy.  People touched by this technique value it for more than just its physical rewards; many praise it for the entire experience, a complete body, mind and spirit treatment.