Worksite Evaluation

At work without pain…
It’s within your control!

Poor posture and body alignment while working can be a major factor which can cause and keep you from overcoming a back/neck injury or carpal tunnel syndrome as well as many other musculoskeletal problems.  An Ergonomic Worksite Evaluation can be performed by Maria Hassett who has 15 years of experience performing work site evaluations.  She will make sure you the worker or your employees are matched properly to the workstation, equipment used while working and the required job duties.

She can also provide Customized Injury Prevention Training specific for the needs of your company upon request.  Proper body alignment while working, along with knowledge of proper posture and body mechanics, can prevent injury as well as decrease fatigue while working, improve morale and employee comfort, create greater job satisfaction, improve the work environment and enhance the quality of life on and off the job.  Training programs range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.