Client Testimonial

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Chris Carithers  - Teacher       Boulder, CO   37

“After breaking my back, and while still in a back brace and using a cane to walk, I wasn’t even sure if massage was possible for me on a physical or emotional level.  But Maria was able to match techniques to each stage of my healing that perfectly synced with what my body needed.  I truly attribute the success and speed of my recovery to the early and ongoing healing that Maria provided.  She understands the structures of the body, what it needs to heal and repair itself, and how to integrate the parts to allow them to work again as a whole.  After knee surgery, I went to Maria, and once again she knew what my body needed as it healed.  I cannot go to other therapists anymore, simply because they never compare to the quality, intuition and intelligence that Maria offers with every session.”

Dan Peter – Human  Resources       Boulder Area, CO   57

“Maria has been helping me for years with great results.  I originally started seeing Maria for neck pain.  She was able to help me relieve and ultimately eliminate that pain.  About 5 years ago I had major foot surgery and then physical therapy.  After 8 weeks of physical therapy my range of motion had stopped improving and was not acceptable to me.  I saw Maria and she did some structural manipulation and, after my first session with her, my range of motion had increased significantly and pain had been reduced.  I then had her Structural Integration sessions and saw even more improvement in range of motion, but more importantly, my posture changed radically which alleviated a few other problems I had developed over the years in my back and neck as well as feet.  I cannot say enough about Maria’s knowledge and skills.  And I find her to be a lot of fun to work with as well.  She clearly enjoys life and working with her clients a great deal.”

Andrew Fiscus – Dentist       Boulder, CO   38  

“Maria has been very helpful in keeping me productive and happy for many years of my life.  I am a dentist and really need someone knowledgable and skillful enough to keep me aligned.  She has also been instrumental in helping me get over a few sports injuries as well.  Thank you to Maria’s no nonsense, intense work in help keeping me upright.”

Barbara M. Gordon- Health Insurance Specialist  @ A+ Smart Health Insurance Agency      Boulder, CO   34?  

“I have used Maria’s services to recover from post pregnancy related pain and damage twice.  Each time there has been an instant, dramatic change in my body on all of the areas she worked on.  My belly has shrunk, my legs have lost the heavy water weight and she even helped my bum lift back to it’s normal shape!  Thank you Maria for all the hard work you put into my body.”

Stephanie Andelman – Consultant       Boulder, CO   42 

“I tell everyone that Maria is Boulder’s BEST expert in healing injuries through active massage therapy.  My right side is a constant struggle, but Maria’s sessions keep me comfortabe for several months at a time.  And she’s a warm, wonderful person who makes you feel at ease throughout.”

Dan Riggan, MA, LPC - Psychotherapist       Boulder, CO   40

“I have been going to Maria for massage for several years.  I really appreciate Maria’s high energy and her enthusiasm and knowledge for body work.  Maria has offered me great therapeutic support and education so that I can maintain an active lifestyle.”